I finally got the demo online, you can download it at our forums. If you have installed all the required tools it should work without a problem. I’ve added an attached database file so just installing SqlServer 2005 Express would be enough to run the demo. To run the oracle part you’ll need to install ODP.NET. The current demo can connect to 2 different database servers just by changing 1 word :smile: The ADO.NET part only supports SqlServer though. You can also change 1 line of code to switch to a completly different model. The web project is just a starter to show that the MVP part can be used on any user interface.

So the current demo has 2 models and 2 view with one and the same presenter. There is also a test project which uses Rhino Mocks to mock both a view and model. The tests just define the workflow of the presenter and then I implemented it. If I ever add anything I’ll need to update the tests because even adding a new event will fail the test :smile:

The file is 2.35MB because of the embedded database but it’s really a nice example of a MVP application. It even includes a second MVP part for the import part. The actual model implementation are seperated in the Demo.Service.Hera project for an implementation with our Hera Application Framework. And a Demo.Service.AdoDotNet for an implementation with ADO.NET, the last one isn’t completly though. It’s mostly missing some features that would make the sample too complicated (concurreny, transactions, state tracking,…) but it works.

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