Vidyano 3.1 released

Our team has been hard at work to release version 3.1

What’s new:

  • Searching has been completely redesigned so that a single text box can be used to search the query, or per column based searching
  • A Master-Detail view has been added that can show the attributes and a single query at the same time
  • More flags have been added to open a persistent object in edit mode, that it should stay in edit mode or that it has to be opened after creation
  • Tabs and groups have been separated so that more data can be defined for them (template/column count per tab, label/collapsible per group)
  • Feedback can be configured to be e-mailed automatically
  • The License screen has been redesigned
  • A Windows Azure screen has been added to enable automatic scaling based on a week schedule
  • Etc

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