Vidyano 4 released

We have pushed the latest Vidyano version on the Visual Studio Gallery. We’ve added so many features that I better just link to our Features page :smile:

But one of them is the new service side JavaScript support:!/Documentation/javascript
Which allows you to write Custom Actions, Business Rules and Persistent Object Actions code in JavaScript that still runs on the service side. This will allow you to change even business logic while the application is deployed, giving access to the .NET framework, with debugging support in Visual Studio.

Another awesome feature is that we now have infinite scrolling on queries, no more paging! The whole query grid is now virtualized so it’s even faster than before. You can check the infinite scrolling on my test application:!/Words

We still have the free version, which now also allows the Export to excel and reporting feature, no persistent objects limit, just the 2 user limit. And the payed version is now only € 99/app!!/WebPage/Pricing

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